Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Video and podcast exploration (Week 9, #s 20-21)

I already posted a video to this blog (see April 17th) but I haven't seen anything yet that I'd want to put on my web page. I just found a site which gives awards to the best slide show presentation (can't find the the link just now!?) and emailed a link to one of the shows about sustainable development to my ecology teacher. We are celebrating sustainable development week at Redwood and I thought he might enjoy it.
I also found an interesting podcast by a librarian--sort of like a weekly radio show--which I though I might listen to regularly I RSS-ed to my Google homepage so I'll be reminded to listen in when something new is posted. On that note I also made a tab on my Google homepage just for RSS feeds. I don't like the aggregator because too much comes across and it's hard to keep up. I find that if I just have a feed for each blog or ... it's easier to see something new. I probably have about ten that I regularly follow now. And I have to admit I'm a bit addicted to the Mr Nice Guy Show!


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

You enjoy new technology news, so check out my favorite, the Daily Buzz at (It is now blocked at my work because it is streaming video, so I catch up at home.)

How does it feel to be on the "home stretch?"

Tom said...

It feels great. It's always a bit tricky toward the end when one thinks "I've seen or done this before" but it's good to feel this and be able to encourage those who follow to stick with it!

Sora said...

You write very well.