Wednesday, September 10, 2008

eSchool News Adds Widgets

I've added a new widget to the blog (see under Technorati widget) which provides an easy link to eSchool News, a well-known print and online newsletter for the educational community.

I chose to add the Technology News widget since this blog is mostly about tech, but there are two other options--one lists Headlines from eSchool News and the other offers Funding resources. Go to eSchool News to explore the options.

It was very easy to add to Blogger because they offer a direct upload feature from Widgetbox which immediately opens the Blogger edit layout mode from which you can place the widget where you desire on the blog page. Code for Facebook, TypePad, MySpace, and other social networking sites are also available.

Give it a look and you may want to add one of the widgets to your blog or web page.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cloud Computing

Liz Dodds earlier today sent out a message announcing a website which follows the phenomenon of cloud computing. The site, which is definitely worth a look, is maintained by Brian Dvorak, a teacher in her district, and describes itself this way:

"Cloud computing is a term used to express the process of using web-based applications to accomplish tasks that were traditionally done with desktop applications. Why buy expensive software when you can used web-based applications, many of which are free, to accomplish your computing needs. And all you need is a web browser and a an Internet connection. But how can one find the web application they need without searching for hours on the web? Ah, that is were Cloud Trip comes into play.

Cloud Trip is a free to use directory of cloud computing web sites. In addition, if you have a useful web application you would like to share, sign up with Cloud Trip and post it in our directory. As a registered user, you will also have the ability to rate the posted websites and help promote the best web apps out in the cloud."

The site looks very useful especially because of the rating system for applications which registered users can add to. I had some difficulty registering today but as soon as I'm able I will be exploring the site and adding my own ratings of apps I use. It seems to me that this would be a great site to share with students and teachers to allow them to explore this ever expanding world of web-based applications.