Monday, May 7, 2007

New library materials using LibraryThing

I just got my widget up that shows new materials in the library using LibraryThing. Originally I had trouble because the site was blocked as a social networking forum. I got my tech director to unblock it which was relatively easy to do.
I set up an account for my library (setting up an account on LibraryThing is extremely (too?) easy). It's also easy to add items to to the list especially using the bar code reader at my desk.
I also put a link on my library newsletter in the place where I usually, painstakingly, add new titles one-by-one. Users will now just click on the link to LibraryThing to get to the BCL list.
I'm also going to put a link on the library home page and the catalog home page.
At some point I may be able to add a widget to the home page but until I look at the layout and figure where it will go I'm going to hold off. I do like the fact that you can show book covers just for the graphic interest it can create.
I'm not going to add tags right away, partly because it takes time which I don't have. But I may encourage others to do it at some point.
I did also add a Clustrmap widget to my library home page. I'll now be able to see if anyone outside of Larkspur actually uses the site!

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

You have such fun learning and using all these cool tools!