Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pay Attention

This is little bit off topic (although I know it's coming up) but for those who don't get LM_NET you might not have seen the post about the this powerful video.
Take a look (more than once... it's a very rich seven plus minutes) I used the "embed" code from TeacherTube, a YouTube-like site. For the original webcast go to T4 - Pay Attention.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Putting statistics and research findings to music can be an attention-getter.

Wonder if library-related data and research and famous quotes, all set to music... wonder if that would get legislators and other policymakers to pay attention! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting video Tom! I definitely incorporate technology into my teaching (world history and american government), but am limited to internet, powerpoints (theirs and mine), DVDs, etc. I don't even own an iPod so haven't checked out podcasts. One reason I am doing this CSLA course is to catch up on the latest technology. Thanks!

bibliofan said...

Great Tube Tom! Powerful thoughts, I never thought about a phone as a "computer". Think texting might be a tad expensive though.
Just recently joined a geocaching site and noticed it in the flybys. Too cool.

librarymum said...

Loved the text messaging on the cell phone thing. Thanks for sharing this too. I need to save this one on del.cios.is. (that's not spelled correctly, is it?!!), but I have to get back to thing #6 and I need to find your suggestions on Flickr. My partial attention is taking over here!