Sunday, April 22, 2007

Her Last Posting?

I really connected to this blog posting. The author, Kathy Sierra, claims it is her last partly because she's getting too many threatening comments but getting beyond that read the whole thing to get the real message. I loved the term she quotes from Linda Stone, the problem of Continuous Partial Attention. I used to have a small poster on my office door (I need to print it out again!) which said "Librarianship is interruptions interrupted by interruptions." I've mentioned this to my assistant and we both agree that if we didn't have the ability to focus we would never get anything done because we are continually distracted. Web 2.0 and its attendant distractions just make it harder (more interesting!?) to focus.

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librarymum said...

This blog and wiki are fascinating stuff about "continuous partial attention" and I just started reading both of them. Thanks for sharing this. I was looking for your post on Flickr to see if I can fix my mosaic when I saw your comments and I followed the link. What an apt description of our students today.

Janet HasB