Tuesday, March 20, 2007

flickr Fun (Thing #5)

Went into flickr today and uploaded some photos. I realized that one of the most frustrating things about digital cameras is the way they label photos. Aside from the date there is no easy way to labels photos so you know what's in them except looking one by one. I'm sure somebody's already come up with an answer but my camera doesn't know about it yet. Since my photos (8 of them) came from a variety of times and places I decided to add them to the map. I have photos from Portugal, Ireland and my own house here in Richmond. There's also a photo I took at my 40th high school reunion and one somebody took of me and my family on my 50th birthday (more than ten years ago now!). Anyway here's the link to my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomkaun/
I eventually plan on making a page for my library with historic and current photos as well and I'm going to recommend that the folks running the high school's 50th anniversary program develop a flickr page as well.

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

What a great idea to have school pictures taken on the same day as "Back to School" night. Nice tie!