Monday, June 1, 2009

Eight Tips for Super Searching

Interesting article from PC Magazine, Eight Tips for Super Searching. I'm always looking for new search techniques and sharing them with kids and teachers as appropriate.
In other news, Microsoft has released it's new search engine, Bing. It's got some new features and a neat home page effect (could be distracting?).
I notice that in the above article they still refer to MS Live Search but the link is re-directed to Bing.

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George E. Duckett said...

Hello Tom

Looks like things are picking up.
Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I hope in the time to come you will find it of sone value to you.

Pleas feel free to comment on what you find there. Im still struggling to come to terms with bogs they are new to me.


Russell Abravanel said...

I have found that is another option when searching for information.

lisa said...

I have heard about the bing but i had never used that search engine for searching.
By knowing its feature I will use that search engine in future.

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