Thursday, May 7, 2009

Britannica Widgets

Encyclopaedia Britannica has recently made a series of widgets available which can be embedded into a blog or website. They come in a variety of "flavors," e.g. U.S. Presidents, brain, dogs, philosophy, with more to come.

The widgets are dynamic and show a snippet of information about one of several topics under that particular heading. There is also a link to the article in Britannica itself. One caveat is that the version of Britannica used is the commercial version which is different from the version many schools and colleges use. But it's still a pretty nifty little series of tools.

I've embedded several into the library web pages. See, for example, the page on U.S. history which uses the U.S. Presidents widget.

For more info on the widgets and to watch a video about how easy it is to embed them in your site go to Brtiannica's Assets & Widgets page.


Crescendo Music Education said...

I hadnt heard of those. Thanks for the info. Great

George E. Duckett said...

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Thanks George

Austin said...

Great news!! Britannica provides great stuff... I have nice collection of their books!!

George E. Duckett said...

Thank you Austin I'll add that to my growing files